Monday, March 2, 2009

America's Snow Playground

At moments like these, I like to quote the words of great men. This morning I look to the sage Admiral Ackbar when he said, "It's a trap!" A few weeks ago we were all walking around campus in t-shirts and flip flops and feeling very smug about the glorious warm weather...well, I say "we" loosely. I knew it wouldn't last. I tried to warn my friends when they said foolish things like, "Spring is here!" I mean, we live in the land of April ice storms and snowy spring surprises. Would it kill the weather man to just once give us a white Christmas instead of spring snow? (Look at my poor froggies below. They were freezing this morning. Plus everybody knows it's impossible to keep your instrument in tune in this kind of weather! And yes, that is snow on their poor, little noses.)

On the upside of all this winter wonderland business, it does slow everything down. Today, I was dreading having to drive to Spartanburg to continue my transcript drama (related to scholarship drama.) Of course, I live in South Carolina where everything shuts down if a flurry of snow is spotted within a 30 mile radius. With our current two-inch dusting, all the schools are shut down, so I'm at home doing what I wanted to do in the first place - reading JMP entries.

Poor Steve had to go to work today. (At least he got to sleep in.) I, on the other hand, am bundled up in the warm comfort of my living room. Alas, I have no pictures of me in the snow because that would require me going out in the cold, cold snow. Some of the pictures I even took through a window. A bit later, I may make myself some hot tea and soup (or at least get dressed.) I take it back. I LOVE this surprise snow and cold weather.

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