Saturday, February 28, 2009

To Nap Or Not To Nap...

Another weekend, another pile of work. Don't get me wrong. Some of the work I really, really want to do, like reading the entries for the Julia Mood Peterkin Award. Unfortunately, I decided that I must do my other work first, and it's far less interesting. Steve's gone for the weekend to Gatlinburg. (He sent me pictures of beautiful scenery from his phone. How unfair is that?) So I'm free to work away and not worry about anyone or anything. Why does it never actually play out that way?

Yesterday was fun...mostly. I planned to go eat lunch downtown with Terra. So of course, monsoon season began, and we were afraid to head downtown where we might have to park far away and traipse through the rain. But Doc Chey's proved to be a fun alternative. (I got my edamame fix.) We ended up staying at the restaurant so long that they sorta-kinda threw us out! Very cool. Then it was on to gelato @ Whole Foods. I had planned to finally try the new gelato bar downtown, but Whole Foods' gelato was an acceptable substitute. Unfortunately, hanging over this afternoon of fun and frolic was transcript drama. I found that they need a copy of my transcript for this one class I took at Spartanburg Tech about a million years ago. When I called Spartanburg Tech, I was connected with a woman who apparently was overlooked at the DMV hiring fair for lack of personality. She was SUPER helpful. Oh, well, there goes my Monday.

So, last night I slept terribly! Sure there was no husband snoring away, but for some reason I just couldn't sleep for more than hour at a time without waking up. Now, I'm trying to get homework done, and I'm getting drowsy. Then there's tonight. It's Game Night for our Life Group. I was looking forward to it. Now, not so much. Why do I do that? I always talk myself out of things. Don't worry. I'm going, and I'll probably have fun. It's just that suddenly a quiet night at home looks so attractive. (Imagine me in my comfy clothes, reading JMP entries and sipping hot tea...very literary.) Tomorrow's church, of course, and I still have to decide what to take to Life Group. (It's potluck night.) So my weekend of R&R hasn't turned out exactly as planned. Such is life, I suppose. On the upside, the house is clean(ish), the laundry is done, and Steve will be home tomorrow...probably trailing a cloud of friendly dirt behind him.

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