Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night was the second performance of the Theater of the Galaxies (a rather grand name for the VBS skits, isn't it?) We had to do our skit three times, and it got funnier each time. Perhaps the finest moment of acting was my friend Kayla's imitation of a quail (or was it a chicken?) while dressed in Biblical garb. Not something you see every day.

Being the Always Prepared Girl, I brought my camera, and first chance I got, I passed it off to someone who took pics of us during the performance. A very generous man he was, who snapped away faithfully while we said our lines, did jumping jacks, and shushed wiggling kids. If only the camera had been so generous. Alas, when I got home and downloaded the pictures, I found that it was not.

Fast forward to today. After breakfast (my daily oatmeal, Cinnamon & Spice flavor only), I dug the dreaded DVD out the bottom drawer of my dresser. You know the DVD. You probably have one, too. The exercise DVD. I bought it about a year and a half ago. I used it for about a week, and then my life fell apart for a while (hospitalization, broken kneecap, bronchitis, it was a fun time.) So, I pulled the DVD out from under some winter clothes, brushed the dust off my tennis shoes, and I actually.........exercised.

It wasn't pretty. In any sense of the word. I am so out of shape. Even the cats were horrified. I actually heard them hiss at each other. I think they were so disturbed by my appearance that they needed to vent their disgust in the only they knew. Maybe they were unnerved by the elevator/club house music that all aerobics instructors love. That or they were just in shock at seeing me do anything that makes me break a sweat. I'm not big on sweating. Ever.

So, I've exercised, done my devotions, eaten my lunch (a sandwich without cheese), and now it's time for work. Lots of writing to do, and this is my warmup. I hope it's moderately more graceful than my messy marching and contortionist crunches. I know it'll involve better music.

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