Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Ringy Dingy

So tonight we had a house full! My kitties went from their sedate, laid-back, stress-free life to an evening of 9 people in the house, five of which were children. Hobson remained unimpressed by the crowd of younguns, but Abby was a star, letting every friendly, little hand stroke her. In fact, I think Abby went into immediate withdrawals when all the willing hands left, and she had to resort to giving Steve and me the sad-nobody-ever-pets-me eyes.

If you know me, you know how I am about the house. I like things neat and tidy and orderly. It's probably a result of 13 years of living in my own house with no one to mess things up but me (or Steve)...well, that and being an only child. So, five kids (four of which were under 12) running around, eating dinner at the coffee table, drinking soda, playing outside (and then in and back out and back in) was a good experience for me. Overall, I think I did pretty well. I couldn't quite relax, but I did manage to keep the cursory glances around the room to a minimum. (And these were great kids, by the way.) Steve, of course, was a cool customer. He just dove in, playing the PS3 with the kids, never breaking a sweat. Whenever we have kids, they're going to love him...and either hate or fear me. Oh well, I supposed every family needs crowd control.

Today was also a big day because I got a new cell phone. This is a big moment in our marriage. For the first time EVER, I have a cooler phone than my husband. I feel this may cause some tension, causing an imbalance in our familial technology equilibrium. Steve just got a new cell phone a few months ago, but while we were standing at the Verizon counter, he had to check with our sales guy to see when he would be eligible to get a phone like mine. I feel such a sense of power...makes me generous. I allowed Steve to play around with my phone for a few minutes this evening. Between the new phone and the new iPod Nano I got for Christmas, I feel like such a technophile. And to think that when I met Steve, I didn't even own a VCR!

Now, it's after midnight and I'm still up on my laptop tapping away at my blog, yet another sign of my technological growth. Unfortnately, there is no technology that will make me want to get up and be at church at 8:45, so I better go to bed!

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